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The production is organized in several production units - production workshop, three compartments: laundry, ironing, packing and storage "materials and finished products."

The main stages of the process from order acceptance and unloading; distribution and assembling of parts, accessories. This is done in store "materials and finished products."

There are special places in PRODUCTION room on two sections of "manual operations" and "quality control" of products. In the production department work technologist, seamstresses, workers servicer-business, grading and packaging.

In the laundry room are a washing machine, dry cleaning, two dryers. Laundry rooms, we have washing Fibrimatic for knitting and a laundry Firbimatic dry laundry.

In the ironing department are: board presses, ironing tables and machine for cleaning stains. Used six mangling and a double press Monti.

Makes 100% quality control finished products. First of luminous dummies and final control is a table for packing, then the products are labeled. Then packaged and is packed and prepared for shipment.