• 2 Trakcia Str
  • Ruse, Bulgaria
  • +359 82 815 520
  • arev@arevpremier.com

About Us


AREV PREMIER SRL is operating company since 2000. Registered in Ruse, Bulgaria. The city is located 60 km. from Bucharest and 300 km. from Sofia.

The company started its operation in 2000 as an intermediary in sewing production of various Italian companies, since 2003. It operates its own factory area of 2500m2.

The company successfully implemented a complete development of the product: from buying yarn and accessories, knitting clothing to finishing operations.We work with suppliers of yarn, accessories and materials for stamp from Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey. We use yarn mainly Tollego (IT) , Filidea (IT) , Alpes ( IT), Linsieme (IT), Millefili (IT) , Olimpias (IT) , Filartex (IT), Bella Yarn (IT).

At present Arev Premier SRL manufactures products knitting with a capacity of 250,000 units per year. Made products are of high quality, precise compliance with the instructions of the client. There is an intermediate, final inspection and packaging. The production process is organized into consideration deadlines for delivery.

Arev Premier SRL uses the services of a transport company Transis Ltd., which performs regular groupage transport from and to Italy.

The company is a member of Confindustria Bulgaria.